‘Fortitude’ Season One Finale is Hardly a Buzzworthy Finish

Caution: This post contains spoilers. “Fortitude” is for mature audiences only.

After such a gain of momentum throughout the first season, “Fortitude” descends into quite a lackluster series of events in its finale. Continue reading “‘Fortitude’ Season One Finale is Hardly a Buzzworthy Finish”


TV Review: Polar Bear Gives Answers in ‘Fortitude’

Caution: This review contains major spoilers on the eighth episode of “Fortitude.”

DCI Morton (Stanley Tucci) peers in a window in
DCI Morton (Stanley Tucci) peers in a window in “Fortitude.” Photo: Sky/Tiger Aspect Productions

If you haven’t watched the new Arctic thriller “Fortitude,” you are missing an amazing and riveting series. Unfortunately, it’s not a program that airs on cable television in the United States, but rather through the millennial-targeted distributor Pivot TV or through streaming afterwards on the Xfinity service. UK viewers can watch on Sky Atlantic. I’d mentioned “Fortitude” before its premiere in an earlier post and it’s a relief that the series delivers the quality that the previews appeared to promise. It traces a series of murder investigations by outsider DCI Morton (Stanley Tucci) in the town of Fortitude, which hasn’t been hit by any murders before. As we might expect, the supposedly quaint but freezing locale is rife with secrets. Continue reading “TV Review: Polar Bear Gives Answers in ‘Fortitude’”

‘Fortitude’ Will Premiere in January 2015 on Sky Atlantic and Pivot Networks

As 2014 draws to a close, there’s a lot to look forward to in the upcoming year in television. Certainly, some of you are eagerly awaiting the end of the mid-season breaks of shows like “The Blacklist” or “The Walking Dead.” There are also number of new programs set to premiere in the coming months. One such show is “Fortitude,” a new drama that stars Richard Dormer, Stanley Tucci, Michael Gambon, Christopher Eccleston, and others.

Fortitude is a town in the Arctic Circle with a reputation of being “arguably the safest place on earth,” as described by executive producer, Patrick Spence. Indeed, the snow-covered landscape appears rather unparalleled in its beauty with the sweeping shots of the camera. Yet, there’s a darkness and heavy sense of gloom that descends over the area after a murder is committed. As one can imagine with dramas focused on small and often isolated regions, the town’s livelihood could be very much at stake. From our short glimpses of a worried Eccleston, a serious Tucci, and a possibly crazed Gambon (particularly at the end!), we’re in for a potentially exhilarating ride in this thriller.

According to Participant Media, the venture is the “first original scripted drama” by Pivot TV. Unfortunately, that limits the availability of the program in the US, as it is only broadcast through Pivot. UK viewers will be able to watch the new twelve-part drama serial on Sky Atlantic, which is credited as a co-producing company. The premiere date has been scheduled for January 29, 2015. If “Fortitude” is as successful as it appears promising, let’s hope that distributor Sky Vision expands the streaming and broadcasting strategy.