TV Review: Polar Bear Gives Answers in ‘Fortitude’

Caution: This review contains major spoilers on the eighth episode of “Fortitude.”

DCI Morton (Stanley Tucci) peers in a window in
DCI Morton (Stanley Tucci) peers in a window in “Fortitude.” Photo: Sky/Tiger Aspect Productions

If you haven’t watched the new Arctic thriller “Fortitude,” you are missing an amazing and riveting series. Unfortunately, it’s not a program that airs on cable television in the United States, but rather through the millennial-targeted distributor Pivot TV or through streaming afterwards on the Xfinity service. UK viewers can watch on Sky Atlantic. I’d mentioned “Fortitude” before its premiere in an earlier post and it’s a relief that the series delivers the quality that the previews appeared to promise. It traces a series of murder investigations by outsider DCI Morton (Stanley Tucci) in the town of Fortitude, which hasn’t been hit by any murders before. As we might expect, the supposedly quaint but freezing locale is rife with secrets. Continue reading “TV Review: Polar Bear Gives Answers in ‘Fortitude’”


TV News: Sneak Peek for Season 2 of ‘Broadchurch’ Teases Courtroom Shocker

Caution: This post contains spoilers about season 2 of “Broadchurch.”

We’re still about two months away from the premiere of the second season of “Broadchurch,” when the series will pick up with the trial of Joe Miller (Matthew Gravelle). BBC America posted a new clip from the opening episode, which you can watch below:

It seemed like such a done deal at the close of the first season, when Joe confessed his involvement in Danny Latimer’s murder to Alec Hardy (David Tennant). Why then, is he changing his story? Is he aiming for an insanity plea? This development is perhaps one answer to the question in the first couple of promos for the new season, when both Ellie (Olivia Colman) and Alec asked, “Why am I still here?”

If that isn’t trouble enough for Alec, it seems Sandbrook will be rearing its ugly head. I’d mentioned that storyline previously when dissected the season 2 trailer from ITV. One thing is certain: March 4th is still too far away for us to get some answers!