Netflix’s List of Films and Shows Expands with Third Season of ‘House of Cards’

During the week of Thanksgiving, Netflix announced the programs that it will be removing and adding to its selection. It’s curious that roughly 80 titles are going away, while only about 50 will be added. Perhaps one can hope that the quality outdoes the exchange in quantities?

The popular online streaming and rental company also unveiled a release date for newest season the highly acclaimed series, “House of Cards.” The announcement was made in a spectacular fashion on Twitter earlier today, as “a special message from the White House.” The third season will be ready for marathon viewing on February 27, 2015. What awaits Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) in his new gig at Pennsylvania Avenue? What machinations will he undertake against his enemies? Who are his new adversaries, if any? And finally, how many seasons of “House of Cards” can we expect from Netflix?


Kevin Spacey Discusses His Career and ‘House of Cards’ at UVa

Kevin Spacey sees Frank Underwood as a “misunderstood” role model in the political arena depicted in the Netflix hit series, “House of Cards.” Therefore, his counterpart would make a wonderful source of information for students looking to be successful at the University of Virginia. At least that’s what the Academy Award winning actor believes. He was in Charlottesville last night as part of the President’s Speaker Series for the Arts, now its second year. Continue reading “Kevin Spacey Discusses His Career and ‘House of Cards’ at UVa”