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Awesome Con: Interview with Johnny Alonso

Photo of Robin Lord Taylor and Johnny Alonso

Robin Lord Taylor and Johnny Alonso at Awesome Con. Courtesy of Johnny Alonso.

Earlier this month, I was in Washington, D.C., to cover Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman at Awesome Con. Prior to that fascinating panel, I wandered through the Exhibit Hall, passing by the autograph booths where many fans were lining up. I knew that actor Johnny Alonso would be at the convention, but it was a pleasant surprise to find him standing at one booth in particular. He and his camera crew were engaged in a friendly chat with Gotham actor Robin Lord Taylor!

“I decided to drop by and say hello. [I] wished him a happy birthday,” Alonso shared about his encounter with Taylor, who keeps generating a lot of buzz as Oswald Cobblepot. “So I said when are you going to get me back on the show?”

Fans of Gotham might see Alonso return as bass player Kazz, thanks to Taylor’s conversations with the writers about next season.

Photo of Pat Cuadros and Kevin Tan

Pat Cuadros and Johnny Alonso, Awesome Con. Credit: Pat Cuadros and Kevin Tan.

Alonso has other promising projects in full swing, both of which are under the direction of Derik Wingo and Kipp Tribble. Chronology, a film starring Billy Baldwin and Danny Trejo, already premiered in Poland. He’ll also start filming on Coffin 2 in Los Angeles this summer. The sequel marks the return of his shady character Trick.

For the full details on these updates and Alonso’s interest in The Walking Dead, be sure to view the entire Blogcritics video, courtesy of Kevin Tan.

This article was originally published on with minor edits here. The Youtube video of the interview is on my channel: Special thanks to Robin Lord Taylor, Johnny Alonso, Kevin Tan, and Tony Cuadros.


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FOX Releases “Rise of the Villains” Teasers for ‘Gotham’ Season 2

FOX ran promos for the upcoming second season of the hit series “Gotham,” which returns to television on September 21. “The Cave” is a promo focusing on young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and his butler Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) as they venture down to what will become the Batcave. It’s pretty straightforward and doesn’t offer much in the way of extra details. There’s likely to be a lot of anticipation about Bruce’s development into the Dark Knight, given his introduction to Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) in the previous season.

The second commercial is entitled “Hungry,” drawing attention to the antagonism between Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Commissioner Loeb (Peter Scolari). Jim looks pensive and serious as he deals with Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) and later gazes into a mirror. Perhaps the new season will explore a sort of falling away from his principles as a new struggle for power ensues? If that’s the case, I see a bigger role for his partner Bullock (Donal Logue) in steering him back to a better path.

It’s nice to see that Penguin is at the center of events in Gotham City. With things going his way, how will the criminal world of Gotham change? There’s a brief glimpse of the Joker (Cameron Monaghan), who has long held a reputation in other versions of Batman as a wild card. We can probably be sure of one thing: “Rise of the Villains” is a secondary title that doesn’t bode well for the good citizens of Gotham.

Tune into FOX on Monday, September 21st, to find out what happens next.

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TV Review: ‘Gotham’ Delves into Wayne Secrets with ‘Viper’

Caution: This review contains spoilers.

In the fifth episode of “Gotham,” Jim (Ben McKenzie) and Bullock (Donal Logue) investigate a new street drug called Viper. It’s a serum that gives a person ridiculous strength, which suggests a precursor to the Bane arc in Batman lore. The storyline of a dangerous new drug is not new, but “Gotham” manages to pull off a fast-paced and straightforward chapter. Read the rest of this entry »

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TV Review: Alfred Goes Dark Knight in ‘Gotham’ Mid-Season Finale

Caution: This review contains spoilers on the mid-season finale.

The precarious case against Dick Lovecraft (Al Sapienza) crumbles in the mid-season finale of “Gotham,” sending a mad scramble across the city by several of the characters. It also shows another side of Alfred Pennyworth, giving Sean Pertwee (“Elementary” and “The Musketeers”) an opportunity to shine. An ex-Marine, he has to put his fighting prowess to use if he wants to save Bruce (David Mazouz) from a group of assassins that are targeting Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova). We’ve seen the butler’s protective and dark nature in slivers throughout this series, everything from his raspy and sarcastic threats to his straight-bladed knife. Alfred is rather like a spring as he’s always poised to strike despite that cool, polished, and sleek exterior. Read the rest of this entry »

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TV Review: ‘Harvey Dent’ Brings ‘Gotham’ Closer to War

Caution: This review contains spoilers.

We’ve known for a while that there’s a war brewing in “Gotham,” which introduced some new players into the mix. The first is Harvey Dent (Nicholas D’Agosto), who makes use of a two-headed coin in his bets with juvenile delinquents, offering them second chances. He’s also assisting Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Renee Montoya (Victoria Cartagena) in moving the Wayne murder case along. There’s a new baddie as well, Dick Lovecraft (a reference to author H.P. Lovecraft, one might say); the millionaire (Al Sapienza) may have been behind the Wayne murders, as he had a feud with Thomas Wayne. Read the rest of this entry »

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‘Gotham’ Takes Off With ‘Balloonman’

Caution: This review contains spoilers.

Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) sees his problems multiply in tonight’s episode of “Gotham.” Detectives Montoya and Allen are tipped off by Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) about his role in “killing” Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor). Speaking of the dearly departed, the future Penguin couldn’t stay away from Gotham for too long. He takes a job at a restaurant and is on track to become friends with Maroni, who is aiming for Falcone’s (John Doman) spot. This new development would derail Montoya (Victoria Cartagena) and Allen (Andrew Stewart-Jones), but it would set Falcone on Jim’s tail.

A second set of problems concerns Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova), future Catwoman from last week. Jim doesn’t believe that she was at the scene of the Wayne murder until he finds the wallet she ditched from a robbery. Unfortunately, she escapes his supervision and her impending transfer to Upstate.

To add to Jim’s troubles, there is a new vigilante in Gotham, who targets (stereotypically) corrupt people including an investor, a cop, and a priest. (Are the references to investors and masked men intended to evoke comparisons to Wall Street and the Occupy Movement?) The victims are sent up into the sky via weather balloons. The perpetrator is dubbed “Balloonman” by the press and hailed as a hero. Gotham residents even ask Balloonman to help them take out their oppressors, like landlords.

Jim and Harvey trace the balloons to Davis Lamond (Dan Bakkedahl), who was spurred into action by the events concerning last week’s episode, even so far as to use the old juvie center as his base. The final encounter is gasp-worthy, momentarily leaving you breathless as Jim and Davis are pulled up by the balloon. As usual, Harvey is forced to correct his mistake (he strung up Davis) and save the pair. It remains to be seen whether “Gotham” will bring the two men towards friendship, but it’s certainly a small step in that direction.

It’s obvious that Jim is starting to feel worn down by his work. He loves Barbara (Erin Richards), but he seems guarded in how much he wants to share with her. It’s impossible to shield her from the darkness, because Cobblepot arrives at his doorstep. As I’ve said before, Cobblepot’s reappearance has come quickly, which will do much to keep the show interesting. Also, Barbara is keeping her own secrets from Jim: a previous (romantic) connection with Montoya, which definitely throws a new twist into the Batman lore. Usually the strain between Barbara and Jim emerges from something solely on Jim’s part like an affair or his work. Here, their relationship could go downhill because of things both of them are doing.

There’s a small segment on the future Dark Knight, as Alfred (Sean Pertwee) engages Bruce (David Mazouz) in sword stick fighting. Bruce is reluctant to fight, but he’s determined to find the truth about the death of his parents. Alfred insists that he leave it to Jim Gordon. Bruce’s interest in vigilantism is piqued by the movements of Balloonman and the question on the news, “Who will defend the people of Gotham?” Thankfully, Batman doesn’t model his methods (and costume) after Balloonman; he does far better.

“Gotham” airs Monday evenings on FOX at 8|7c.

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TV Review: ‘Gotham’ Improves with Second Week on FOX

Caution: This review contains spoilers on “Selina Kyle.”

You may be pleased to see that “Gotham” managed to move past the mess of the premiere and establish a more balanced approach this week. The second episode is entitled “Selina Kyle,” which leaves little to the imagination as to whom we should focus our attention (supposedly). However, we do not have an opportunity to delve into her character (Camren Bicondova) until after the first half hour.

Jim (Ben McKenzie) and Harvey (Donal Logue) take on a group bent on trafficking kids, homeless ones that are less likely to be noticed as missing. People masquerading as part of the Mayor’s relief initiative offer food and then drug the children before nabbing them. The case forces the team to consult Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith), who is thrown off by Falcone’s (John Doman) appearance. The pace of the episode is much more fluid as Jim and Harvey follow the ATP clue and Arkham connection revealed by Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith). The main perpetrators escape the first time and brazenly strike a second time, kidnapping an entire busload of kids en route to the upstate prison.

Viewers are treated to a couple of tantalizing teasers throughout the hour. The Wayne Foundation was originally slated to bring back Arkham, which has been closed for a while. The fate of the facility is thus up in the air. Additionally, the creepy and bespectacled ringleader, Patti (portrayed excellently by Lili Taylor) keeps mentioning the Dollmaker. Is this a reference to the Ventriloquist? It’s a great idea to bring in the crime boss, if Falcone’s empire really is in jeopardy from the likes of Maroni (“number two” according to Fish) and Fish Mooney.

Jim deals with some other problems: Barbara (Erin Richards) leaks the kidnappings to the press, Bruce (David Mazouz) listens to heavy metal and indulges in self harm, and Selina wants to stay out of the system. However, Cobblepot or Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) still stands out as the winner of the evening among the villains. His blood thirsty and violent streak comes easier now, as he slashes the throat of an annoying fellow while hitchhiking and keeps the other man as a hostage.

Cobblepot’s screentime is comparatively brief and he is undoubtedly nerdy in his bearing. Yet his small amount of power and control feels so palpable as he plots his return from a trailer in the country. One might be inclined to lay money on Cobblepot should he encounter Fish Mooney again, a likely event in a future episode. The cut to his mother’s interview with detectives is amusing because his evolving nature is so different than how Gertrude Kapelput (Carol Kane) sees him.

Overall, “Selina Kyle” was only of cursory relevance to aforementioned character. Her appearance and encounter with Jim at the end does bring us back to the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents, a case Jim is determined to solve. But will details about Jim’s “cooperation” with the mob (Penguin’s “death”) jeopardize his promising career and his relationship with Barbara?

“Gotham” airs every Monday evening on FOX at 8|7c.

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