How to be an Effective Mentor

Usually I write about entertainment news, but occasionally I write career development pieces for HoosNetwork. Here’s my latest article about the mentoring process.

Photo of woman working outside

Up until now, my career advice has focused on how to advance one’s own prospects. To reach your current position, it’s likely that you networked (in person or through LinkedIn) and met individuals who gave you invaluable guidance. Today I’d like to address the other side of that: how do you give meaningful advice to younger friends and acquaintances asking for your help? How can you be an effective mentor?

“Send the Elevator Back Down”

I’ll never forget the speech that actor Kevin Spacey delivered at the University of Virginia last October. His House of Cards quotes were pithy and well-received (which had nothing to do with his Frank Underwood voice). The best line he delivered was not from House of Cards, but from his mentor, the late Jack Lemmon. Reaching our career milestones is all very well and good, but don’t forget to “send the elevator back down” and give someone else a boost. Continue reading “How to be an Effective Mentor”