Concert Review: The 2016 Summerfest Concert Series on the Plaza: Magic! and Other Popular Artists

Photo of Nasri
Nasri, lead vocalist for Magic! Credit: Pat Cuadros

The Plaza is still a relatively new addition to Tysons Corner Center, one of the premier shopping venues in Northern Virginia. However, the public square has quickly become a top spot in offering alternatives that are comparable, if not better, than the events within Washington, D.C. I’d like to spotlight the 2016 Summerfest Concert Series, which closed on July 31.

Summerfest is held annually in the summer at the Plaza, which partners with radio station 94.7 Fresh FM. It’s notable for bringing in top artists that are popular locally and across the U.S. This year’s series featured artists such as Shawn Hook, Rachel Platten, the Legwarmers, and even former American Idol contestants. The 2016 Summerfest closed with Billboard artist Ingrid Michaelson.

I arrived 15 minutes early on July 22 and I was able to stand close to the front of the throng by the stage. The winning act slated for that evening was Magic!, the Canadian reggae fusion band well known for the hit song “Rude.” They have a new single out called “Red Dress,” which is also getting airtime on the D.C. area radio stations.

Photo of Magic! in concert
Magic! Selfies. Credit: Pat Cuadros

Lead vocalist Nasri hopped off the stage to greet young fans during some of the songs. He borrowed a girl’s cell phone to snap a couple selfies before giving it back. After the show, Nasri, Mark Pellizer, Ben Spivak, and Alex Tanas greeted more fans, signed autographs, and took more selfies before leaving for the evening.

The Plaza is a fantastic venue for summer concerts whether you’re on an intimate date or out with the whole family. Summerfest allows you to enjoy music by some of the best musicians in the country for 45 minutes at close range. You may be wondering how much a ticket costs to each concert, since venue organizers are booking top acts. The good news is that admission (and parking) is free of charge!

Unfortunately, the 2016 Summerfest Concert Series has just concluded. Keep an eye out in late Spring of 2017 to find out about the next series lineup.

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Author: Pat Cuadros

TV & Film Blogger @blogcritics

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