“Walking Dead” Star Emily Kinney Exhibits Whimsy and Flair on her “This is War” Tour

Her upcoming album is entitled “This is War,” but Emily Kinney radiates a lovely aura of excitement and geniality in her constant smiles. The actress and singer, most known for her role as Beth Greene on “The Walking Dead,” performed this past weekend on her guitar at Jammin Java in Vienna, Va. It wouldn’t have been a complete night without a couple of tunes from the hit AMC show. She even brought her glockenspiel, to the delight of the crowd.

Emily Kinney sings at a sold out concert at Jammin Java. Photo: Tony Cuadros

Emily Kinney sings at a sold out concert at Jammin Java. Photo: Tony Cuadros

Emily’s tunes run through a roller coaster of tones in a folk-pop style: from lighthearted and whimsical all the way to sad and haunting. They share a frankness about life that doesn’t fail to draw you in; that is, if you haven’t already been won over by her personality and spirit!

Emily Kinney plays the delightful glockenspiel. Photo: Pat Cuadros

Emily Kinney plays the glockenspiel. Photo: Pat Cuadros

“Expired Lover” fits well in the first category with playful and creative lines on describing a wish to break up, such as “You’re a top back shelf, out of date, too late, expired lover.” Moving on is long overdue. Or take “Married” as another example of pure whimsy on the topic of eloping: tired of the party? “Let’s get married tonight” and don’t worry, the parents will get the news the next day! “Dad Says” fits the bill on mournful songs with an exploration of having to give up your dreams. The messages echoes through a packed and silent music hall powerfully as Emily delivers it a capella.

She’s honed in on the little nuances of relationships, hooking up, and the dreams of young people hoping to score big (“Rockstar”). All the lyrics really seem to draw on her own musings and experiences, which is perhaps one reason the Vienna audience was very welcoming with their applause and cheers. Emily had no shortage of anecdotes to tell as she prepared to launch into each successive track during the evening.

What’s Next?

Emily Kinney prepares her acoustic guitar for another song. Photo: Tony Cuadros

Emily Kinney prepares her acoustic guitar for another song. Photo: Tony Cuadros

As I mentioned earlier, the talented singer-songwriter has a debut album coming out, from which she already released the titular single, “This is War.” The new track still carries the same freshness as her older music, which may come as a relief to longtime fans. Speaking of fans, Emily treats them quite well, inviting everyone to snap their fingers and sing along at certain parts. “You’re part of my band now!” she exclaims.

She probably could have sold out at a much larger venue, but it’s clear that she relishes the experience of the intimate concert. She stayed after the show to greet a long line of attendees, signing autographs and posing for photos for each group. You’d do well to keep an eye out for Emily Kinney, because she’ll continue to make an impact in the entertainment world, whether it’s music, film, or television.

Emily Kinney’s “This is War” tour kicked off on May 1st in Pittsburgh and concludes at the end of June in Los Angeles. For more information and updates, check out her website and follow her Twitter feed.


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