Conan Unveils O’Taco at Taco Bell Test Kitchens

On Wednesday evening, Conan O’Brien wanted to give the show’s IT staffer, Chris Hayes, a Taco Bell experience he’d never forget. They took a trip to Irvine, CA, to visit Taco Bell Headquarters. The longtime comedian refers to the site as a “tiny Mexican village.”

As one might expect, Conan couldn’t resist wreaking a little havoc in the historic gallery and then at the test kitchen itself. Leave it to Conan to make a romantic dialogue about tacos with marketing manager Katie Garner. Finally, Chris and Conan reach the kitchen, where it’s time to taste creations that have yet to be released to the public at large. Conan points out that a cake cone is just as useful as the tortilla and taco shell for holding the meats and toppings. He also proposes that we repurpose harmonica holders as burrito holders so we can eat and drive. The final reveal is his new culinary creation, an Irish taco topped with his special sauce (Guinness). It’s doubtful that we’ll see his beloved O’Taco anytime soon, but many will appreciate his comedic flair and curiosity as we’re given a neat glimpse into the world of Taco Bell.


Author: Pat Cuadros

TV & Film Blogger @blogcritics

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