TV News: ‘Full Sherlock’ Teasers for Upcoming Special on BBC

Weeks ago, I highlighted the buzz surrounding the photo of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman dressed in what appeared to be Victorian garb. It was certainly reminiscent of the days of the Granada television series, which starred the late Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke.

Now Twitter is alive with hashtags for #Sherlock and even #setlock, a combination of Sherlock and set by fans who want to share their adventures from filming on the streets. The recent excitement concerns the appearance of Cumberbatch and Freeman in Victorian clothes in Gloucestershire Cathedral, as tweeted by sites like Entertainment Weekly:

The term for it nowadays is going “full Sherlock,” which is rather amusing. Does this mean Cumberbatch was less of a Sherlock in previous seasons? In all seriousness, the label from social media channels is more about the outfit rather than his portrayal of the famous sleuth. He appears quite sharp in the grey deerstalker and coat, which makes for a nicer photo than the promo we saw in previous months. (Remember the incomplete shoulder?) Freeman is also close at hand with a mustache and clothes that perfectly call to mind John’s Victorian counterpart. Would we classify him as going “full Sherlock” as well or would we say that he’s gone “full Watson” here? Yet again, John/Watson seems to be getting the short end of the popularity stick with labels.

As a brief aside, another popular program, “Doctor Who,” has resumed filming this month. We have yet to hear about going “Full Doctor” or even “Full Clara.” It’s a possibility on the former if the Doctor can find a way to get closer to finding Gallifrey.

I won’t be delving into spoilers here, but it seems the BBC will really be delivering for the fans when the new season of “Sherlock” arrives on our small screens. One probably imagines that it’s an amazing experience to be on “setlock.” Perhaps it is for fans and curious onlookers, but not for Martin Freeman, who had much to say about it during his interview with the Independent on “Cumbermania” and the “scores of young women.” These enthusiastic fans not only snap photos of the cast, but they also break into applause after a take is finished.

While there is much to clap about over a “Sherlock” special, these behaviors could be quite the distraction. Additionally, all of the arrangements to reserve spaces, parking, and catering is not cheap and covers such a small time frame in which the production team must get those shots right. Please #setlock fans, photos are lovely and wonderful (particularly for the Twitter viewers on other shores), but perhaps lay off a little on the clapping until you’re sitting on your couch in front of the television?

“Full Sherlock” is taking off so early in the filming schedule, generating such a large amount of interest for the new special and season. The new Sherlock and John outfits will probably do much to influence those who are already pondering their 2015 Halloween costumes.

“Sherlock” airs on the BBC and BBC America.


Author: Pat Cuadros

TV & Film Blogger @blogcritics

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