Film News: John Cusack, Adrian Brody, and Jackie Chan Clash in New ‘Dragon Blade’ Trailer

The first trailer for “Dragon Blade” was recently released. Directed by Daniel Lee, the film stars Jackie Chan, John Cusack, and Adrian Brody.

In my recent review of “The Imitation Game,” I’d lamented about historical inaccuracy for the sake of entertainment. Let me provide some clarification: it’s a problem when production teams create biopics in which truth and fiction are intermingled, so that we don’t know where to separate the two. It’s not as tragic when you assemble a historical epic that viewers (one hopes) can immediately recognize as fantasy, just a fun action film.

“Dragon Blade” appears to fit the latter category, as the Romans take on the Chinese in hopes of dominating the Silk Road. It’s something that never happened in history, but from the trailer, it could make for an interesting story. Adrian Brody is the Roman general Tiberius, with evil designs against Commander Huo An (Jackie Chan) and a Roman soldier, Lucius (John Cusack). In spite of the silly premise, the trailer is successful at drawing viewers in completely or at least leaving them stunned (not in a bad way) with the question, “Wait, just what is this?”

In China, the release date has been set for February 19, 2015. There’s nothing yet about when the film will hit US theaters, which will probably be announced in the weeks ahead.


Author: Pat Cuadros

TV & Film Blogger @blogcritics

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