TV News: Dr. Evil Schools Sony and North Korea on How to Be Evil

In case you missed it, Mike Myers appeared on “Saturday Night Live” to reprise his role as Dr. Evil, the nemesis of super spy Austin Powers. Dr. Evil had a few things to say about recent news swirling around North Korea and Sony’s cancellation of “The Interview.” Both sides are “giving evil organizations a bad name.” It’s a fabulous segment with Myers in top form; perhaps we’ll see some fans clamor for more Austin Powers across the message boards.

In spite of being so evil, North Korea’s grand move is only “to kill a movie,” Dr. Evil points out. I don’t recall seeing headlines from the opposition when the previews originally came out about “The Interview.” Efforts to derail the film seem to have materialized only in recent weeks leading up to the planned release. Dr. Evil isn’t impressed with Sony either, whose big success was the Walkman. He also finds a way to criticize the GOP and label it as an evil entity, weaving all of these threads together artfully with his classic lines.

It’s unfortunate that Sony pulled “The Interview,” a film in which James Franco and Seth Rogen’s characters set out to assassinate Kim Jong Un. Whether or not you were actually going to watch the film is irrelevant. Rather it’s a question of freedom of speech, or artistic expression, a cause even George Clooney thought to be important. Yet even that basic American concept was derailed by politics, as media companies and figures declined to lend support to Sony, due in some large part to Sony e-mails that mocked President Obama. The Sony fiasco might set forth a poor precedent that could enable small groups to destroy other films, including those that are forms of true art and intellectual discourse.

For the time being, “The Interview” will not be available for viewing, but maybe there will be an outlet for curious individuals who want to see the film in the future. For others (including me), the long trailer was sufficient to outline the storyline and basic gist of the movie. A new Austin Powers or Dr. Evil skit is probably more likely to occur.


Author: Pat Cuadros

TV & Film Blogger @blogcritics

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