Friday Fun: George Clooney and the ‘Downton Abbey’ Selfie

We’ve been hearing for days that George Clooney will be making an appearance on the ITV show “Downton Abbey.” It looks like there was a lot of fun on the set during filming, as the cast gathered enthusiastically for a selfie. The photo was shared by Radio Times and other outlets this morning, in anticipation for the Christmas special.

Though their characters are typically in the background or “downstairs,” on this occasion both Phyllis Logan and Jim Carter (Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson) are in the front with George, with Ms. Logan snapping the shot. A few cast members are missing from the group, including Hugh Bonneville, a friend of Clooney’s. See what happens when the Lord and Lady (Elizabeth McGovern) of the Manor are away! It’s a rare glimpse of modern tech infiltrating the “Downton” set, where the infamous water bottle photo was taken just months ago. That photo was lampooned to no end online, even by the actors themselves in good fun. It’s always great to see candid and fun moments when the camera isn’t rolling, though the dramatic scenes from the hit show are certainly not to be missed.

“Downtown Abbey” will air on Christmas Day on ITV at 9 PM. American audiences have to wait on viewing this two hour special if they don’t want to spoil anything from Season 5. Thankfully, the latest season will premiere in the States on January 5, 2015, so we don’t have to wait much longer here!


Author: Pat Cuadros

TV & Film Blogger @blogcritics

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