TV Review: Peralta and Santiago Take a ‘Road Trip’ on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Caution: This review contains spoilers.

In “Road Trip,” Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Santiago (Melissa Fumero) headed out of town to pick up a perp for a transfer. Unfortunately, Peralta decides to make it a romantic getaway for the two of them, inviting Sophia and Teddy (their respective significant others). However, Santiago reveals that she’d been planning to break up with Teddy (Kyle Bornheimer). Peralta’s relationship with Sophia (Eva Longoria) is going nicely, but they end up in the dreaded “room of the thousand dolls,” which looks like something Chuckie would relish. As expected, Santiago hits awkward mode and spills the bad news to Teddy before she can finish her break-up outline (not that I’d imagine it to be much better). It also seems that there’s some unresolved feelings between Peralta and Santiago, but that will probably have to wait until another episode down the line.

It’s always a delight to catch “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” where hilarity is ramped up to an outrageously fun degree. While Samberg is interesting and spot on with his comedic flair (making the show deserve its acclaim), the side stories are so amusing in their own right. It’s so hard to pick a favorite character among Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz), Gina (Chelsea Peretti), Terry (Terry Crews), Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), and Chief Holt (Andre Braugher). Diaz is determined to get a confession out of her suspect, even if she has a cold. She takes cold medicine (a lot of it), but eventually gets locked in a storage room. “Permission to lock her in a distant room,” Gina requests of Terry. Diaz has always been the intimidating member of the precinct office and she scares her two co-workers when she punches through the glass window hours later.

In the other storyline, Boyle sees an opportunity to connect with Chief Holt, who asks for his guidance on culinary issues. However, the chief doesn’t take well to Boyle’s instructions on making an omelet. Also, Boyle sees the emotional and personal experiences associated with food, whereas the chief sees only the practical, cold side. “I want a sandwich, I make a sandwich, I eat a sandwich,” Holt explains about classic PB&J sandwiches. In the end, it looks like Boyle will have to watch out for Holt, who makes a wonderful croque monsieur after all.

All and all, there’s very little to be said of an actual road trip in this episode. But there’s plenty of fun for everyone to find, as the writers lampoon the horror genre and culinary obsessions. Additionally, Diaz’s stubbornness about her cold is timely, as it’s “that time of the year” when you’re either sick or desperately trying not to get sick at the office.

Best Moments of the Evening:

  • Boyle throws on a very thick Irish accent while he and Peralta are dressed like dock laborers.
  • “My immune system is too weak to fight off my smile muscles,” Diaz tells Terry and Gina, after they give her a care package with medicine.
  • Boyle and Chief Holt used to share the same bank. He tries to surprise his boss and it doesn’t go over well.
  • Peralta opens a closet, only to find that it’s full of creepy dolls.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” airs Sunday evenings at 8:30|7:30c.


Author: Pat Cuadros

TV & Film Blogger @blogcritics

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