Latest ‘Doctor Who’ News: Capaldi’s ‘Listen’ Teaser and ‘No Flirting’ Dealbreaker

You may have caught the newest teaser for “Doctor Who” this past weekend. The BBC commercial shows the inside of the Tardis before scrolling up to the top. Seated there with his legs crossed is none other than the Doctor himself (Peter Capaldi). He aims to arrest your attention with a serious expression and a single word, “Listen!”

It’s a fun teaser but it doesn’t offer much in the realm of new details about the upcoming season. Luckily, other headlines have come in over the weekend. The Guardian reports that the newest Time Lord won’t be “flirting” with Clara (Jenna Coleman) this season, a plot line about which Capaldi was adamant.

Is that why they are bringing on Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink? Speculation is rampant as to Pink’s true purpose, even as far as to say he’ll be another Doctor, a hypothesis that seems unlikely. After all, Capaldi had to leave his role as Richelieu in “The Musketeers” to play the Doctor. It would be an utter waste to have him at the helm of the Tardis for a mere handful of episodes.

Staying away from a romantic relationship seems like a good idea. It was a thread that was thoroughly explored in the past seasons with Matt Smith, but it often interfered with efforts to craft a more serious Doctor. More attention should be directed toward the puzzles and throwing more light on the “mistakes” that the Doctor wants to tackle, angles that can be fully developed when screen time is adequate and focused. Clara and the Doctor can still be playful and a lively source of entertainment as friends.

What are your thoughts about the new Doctor and these latest developments?

“Doctor Who” returns to BBC America on August 23rd at 8|7c.


Author: Pat Cuadros

TV & Film Blogger @blogcritics

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