Film News: Robert Carlyle Wraps Up ‘Barney Thomson’

Caution: This post contains spoilers on “The Legend of Barney Thomson” and “Once Upon a Time”.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on one of my favorite upcoming film projects: “The Legend of Barney Thomson”. The film comes from a book series by Douglas Lindsay, following the escapades of the titular character. A barber by trade, Barney continues to get demoted in status (as indicated by the position of your chair). His life changes unexpectedly when he accidentally becomes a serial killer.

Robert Carlyle (“Once Upon a Time”) directs and stars in the black comedy, which only took a month to shoot in Glasgow, Scotland. This week, Carlyle posted a tweet to announce the wrap up of filming:

Robert Carlyle Finishes 'Legend of Barney Thomson' Filming. Tweet belongs to @RobertCarlyle_
Robert Carlyle Finishes ‘Legend of Barney Thomson’ Filming. Tweet belongs to @robertcarlyle_

The brief shooting schedule is admirable, considering that the film is Carlyle’s first foray into directing a motion picture. There are a few reasons to get excited about “Barney Thomson”. Set pictures from give only a few tantalizing glimpses of what we can expect from the final product:

Emma Thompson Gets Older

Emma Thompson (“Saving Mr. Banks”) plays the role of Barney’s overbearing mother even though she is only two years older than Carlyle. If you look at the photos from the set, you can see that she has undergone a remarkable transformation into an older woman through the use of heavy blue eyeshadow and elaborate hair. The ensemble is further punctuated by her outfit: leopard prints and slacks.

Robert Carlyle: Not Mr. Gold

Robert Carlyle can be seen sporting a dark suit, which may seem to evoke Mr. Gold’s wardrobe penchant for suits. However, the suit probably is not Armani (Eduardo Castro’s costume choice in “Once Upon a Time”). In addition, Carlyle has chosen to comb his hair back, at least in the stills from

Many fans may be used to seeing him with the looser hairstyle that he’s been sporting in recent roles such as Mr. Gold or Lachlan (“California Solo”). Oftentimes, changing ones physical appearance can serve as a reflection of ones character or what’s on the inside. Whether Carlyle uses the look for the entire film is a good question to ponder.

And Action!

In these scenes, Carlyle and Thompson appear to have good chemistry, an important factor for staying on a tight schedule. Admittedly, it’s hard to determine what news Barney gives his mother, but it’s terrible enough (in her eyes at least) to send her into hysterics. Thompson is stellar here with the quick change in emotions as she shifts from an upright stance, forcing Carlyle to hold her up.

Release Date of 2015?

Unfortunately, we won’t find out what’s bothering Barney’s mother until 2015 (unless you already read the book).

During the wait, you can still catch “Once Upon a Time”, which started filming season 4 on July 9th. Season 3 ended with quite a cliff hanger, taking Elsa to Storybrooke. She was previously locked in Rumplestiltskin’s room of dangerous and unpredictable magical items. She’ll probably have a vengeful plot against Rumple, who just married Belle (Emilie de Ravin). In addition, Regina (Lana Parilla) is upset with Emma (Jennifer Morrison) for bringing back Maid Marian. One can expect plenty of conflict when the show returns to ABC this fall.

Stay tuned to my blog for periodic updates on “Barney Thomson” and “Once Upon a Time”.


Author: Pat Cuadros

TV & Film Blogger @blogcritics

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